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A Solution for Each Part of Your Day.

The Standard strives to become a solution for each part of the day, whether you're looking for a spot to work over coffee and a fresh breakfast, somewhere to meet clients for a unique lunch, or a place for yourself and friends to enjoy drinks and dinner with a wide variety of flavor profiles and offerings. Our cafe is open early mornings starting at 6 am during the week and bar service is available late night, so we hope to be a staple in your weekly routine no matter what time of day it is!

So Fresh and So Clean

We've found a way to marry the ideas of fun and flavorful food with eating well. Our house chef has developed a menu you can feel good about using vibrant greens, colorful fruits, responsibly farmed meats, and unique spices. We can promise that your mouth won't be bored and your stomach won't leave empty.

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